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Solutions for accept payment from end users & automate payouts to employees and vendors - Over the world

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PAYOK is an online payment service provider that can help you to accept payment from end users & automate payouts to employees and vendors over the world. We provide many kind of payment channel, both international and local payment, from bank cards, net-banking, e-wallet, convenience store, cardless credit and many more.


We know and we used to be in your position. That's why we will try our best to help you creating a space you love.

Instant Access

PAYOK system detects and analyzes each transaction in real time, and immediately feedbacks the details of each transaction to the merchant system to ensure that the transaction details are accurate.


PAYOK ready to serve you in anykind of device you use. Either its mobile, dekstop, tablet or your laptop PAYOK always ready to support your business.

Top Notch Protection

PAYOK protect every transaction with the best security system to ensure merchants get the best marketing budget allocation and risk warning.


Transfer automatically or do bulk transfer for paying employee’s salary, refund and/or any other kinds of disbursement transaction easily

Payment Gateway

We help you to collect the payment from your end customers with many kind of international and local payment channel options.

Integrate Easily

Integrate easily and quickly with our system

Easy to acquire

One-click to generate collection link, send the link to your customers to easily receive payment.


Compared with popular payment plugins, such as WooCommerce, Magento, standard PHP and other integrations, our collection page is more simplified – no codding necessary .


Our technical team has the advantage of multi-language connection, solves the connection difficulties of merchants and improves the connection efficiency. We don't charge any fees during the process of docking.

APIs Solution

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Many Channel Options

Support many kind of payment channel options, both international and local payment tools in each countries

Secured and Stable

PCI/DSS Licensed, we keep your each transactions safe and secured

Easy to Integrate

With our system, you can integate easier

Settlement Efficient

You can do the settlement from anywhere and anytime, faster and more flexible

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